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Our Field of Interest is the science, technology and application of instrumentation and measurement.  Specifically, our Society fosters and promotes:
a)  the advancement of the theory and practice of electrical and electronics engineering, the allied branches of the engineering profession and the related arts and sciences;
b)  the advancement of the standing of its members;
c)  the continuing education of members;
d)  the compliance with  the  standards of ethical and professional conduct as  set  forth  in  the IEEE Code of Ethics, the IEEE Bylaws, and the IEEE Policy and Procedures Manual; and
e)  the  close  cooperation  and  exchange  of  technical  information  among members  and with other professional societies and individuals who share common interests, as set forth in the Society's Field of Interest.


What's Happening in I&M?

General Aviation Instrumentation, the Development of the Primary Flight 6 Pack

I&M Society Chapter -- March Meeting -- at Fleming Field, South St. Paul Airport

Instruments are about providing information of use to the pilot in the most efficient and reliable way. These 6 instruments evolved over 100 years of flight into a system providing 6 degree of freedom orienting information with multi-level redundancy. The human factors principles and system safety principles continue to be examples in other complex real time human interaction systems. After the presentation, we will be going "next door" to tour the Commemorative Air Force Hangar.
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About the Twin Cities Chapter


· Chair: Jeff Paulson

· Vice-chair: Scott Sandstrom

· Secretary: Bob Whitney

· Treasurer: Steve Petermann

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