ExCom -- Executive Committee

  1. General

The Executive Committee (EXCOM) of the Twin Cities Section of the IEEE consists of the Section officers (Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer, and Past Chair), the Chair or designated representative from each local Technical Society Chapter, the Chairs of the Standing Committees, and representatives from the student chapters. All section members are of course welcome to attend meetings. The purpose of the EXCOM is to conduct the necessary business of the Section. EXCOM meetings are generally held on the first Tuesday of the month from 4:30 to 7pm. This can vary if there are conflicts with holidays, etc.

This document provides descriptions for the standing committees of the EXCOM and the responsibilities of those committees and of the committee chairs.
  1. Committee Members

While much attention is focused on the duties of the Chair in this document, members are encouraged to join and participate in the committees at any level.  Getting involved in a section committee is a great way for members to get involved initially in the work of the section and IEEE.  In addition to giving back to the profession, volunteering is a great way to network and add skills to your resume.
  1. Committee Chairs

In addition to the specific duties described under each committee below, the following information / duties apply to all standing committee chairs:
  • Committee chairs are volunteer positions appointed by the EXCOM Chair on an annual basis. While officially appointed by the Chair, volunteers for these positions are greatly appreciated. There is no limit as to the number of years that a chair may serve in a position so long as they are effective.
  • Committee chairs are key non-voting members of the EXCOM.  Their input to discussions on programs and issues is valued and requested. To be effective in serving the members the EXCOM has to depend on the committees and their chairs to play an active role in getting the work done. The officers cannot do it all.
  • Committee chairs are expected to attend as many monthly EXCOM meetings as possible. If a chair cannot attend a meeting, It is expected that a substitute attend or a written report be sent. Attendance by teleconference is acceptable.
  • Committee chairs are expected to provide reports on their committee’s activities each month. Brief written reports to the secretary are appreciated as it helps in dissemination of accurate information to the section members.
  • Committee Chairs are expected to recruit additional volunteers as needed to further the activities of the committee. Chairs are encouraged to recruit additional volunteers at least for the purpose of activity continuity should the chair retire.
  • It is possible to have one person hold more than one chair position so long as they are effective.  An example would be Communications Committee Chair and Webmaster.
  • Committee Chairs are expected to attend the annual officer training and present on their committee’s charter and recent and expected activities. Officer training is usually held on a Saturday morning in mid-January. Presentations are usually no more than 10 minutes.

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