Corporate and Institutional Liason Committee

Ambassadors are IEEE members who volunteer to promote the benefits of IEEE membership and sponsorship at their place of employment.  There can be more than one ambassador in large organizations where there may be more than one department or division employing IEEE members.

The Ambassadors Committee and its chair is responsible for:

  • Recruiting Ambassadors and maintaining a database of contact information.
  • Generally supporting the ambassadors. Providing coordination where there are multiple ambassadors at one company (ensure multiple company sponsorships do not occur or are managed)
  • Developing or obtaining literature for the ambassadors for use in promoting the IEEE.
  • Develop literature describing benefits for companies for
  • Support and encouraging employees membership in IEEE
  • Supporting and encouraging employees being active in local IEEE
  • Develop IEEE membership benefit talking points.
  • Career development through inexpensive training (meetings)
  • Etc.
  • Develop a corporate sponsorship program
  • Benefits to companies for providing annual support
  • Levels of support.

Activities of Ambassadors include:

  • Actively recruit new members to join IEEE.
  • Post meeting notices and the newsletter on department bulletin boards or if appropriate internal websites.
  • Alternately develop an internal email list to send these notices to.  This list should include no IEEE members as well as members.
  • Assist in recruiting volunteers for chapter and section activities.
  • Promote sponsorship of the local section and conferences to corporate management. Obtain sponsorship from companies

What's Happening in the Corporate and Institutional Liason Committee?

About the Corporate and Institutional Liason Committee

Corporate Ambassadors Chair: Brady Mayes