Awards and Recognition Committee

The Awards committee and its Chair are responsible for formally recognizing the volunteer leadership of the section.  This is primarily but not limited to a once a year activity at the annual awards banquet where the Awards Chair recognizes the volunteers and presents them with a certificate and token of appreciation. The Committee is responsible for identifying all active volunteers from the previous year, producing certificates, and obtaining the appreciation gift.

"People want to feel what they do makes a difference."

"Human beings need to be recognized and rewarded for special efforts."

"Recognition is so easy to do and so inexpensive to distribute that there is simply no excuse for not doing it."

"We all like to be recognized and appreciated. Just by giving an award or recognition certificate, formally recognizing someone in front of a group…we’re telling the person that their work is appreciated."

"Knowing that what you do is important and appreciated is the best reward."

Because of this need to recognize, appreciate and celebrate the accomplishments of our peers in the IEEE, the Twin Cities Section Awards & Recognition Program recently was expanded.

New awards for the Section Outstanding Engineer, the Corporate Outstanding Engineer, the Section Outstanding Member and the Section Outstanding Student have been created and will be given to qualified nominees during the Twin Cities Section Annual Awards Banquet on February 22, 2014.

What's Happening in the Awards and Recognition Committee?

About the Awards and Recognition Committee

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