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About the Twin Cities Chapter

The 2015 chapter officers are:

Chair:           Bruce Hanson

Vice Chair:   Charles (Chuck) Cole

Treasurer:    Larry Beaty.

Member-at-large: Eric Sit

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Chapter Upcoming meetings

Augment Our World With Better Software-A Model for a Data Center - TWIN CITIES C16 CHAPTER on 10-November-2016
10/16/2016 11:58:45 AM

Topic: Augment our world with better software


Cost is the easiest characteristic to quantify and compare when choosing between two products, ideas, etc. Performance or speed are also easy to measure and use for comparison. Quality, reliability, durability, security, eco-friendly, etc. are much harder to quantify or compare.


Early computer hardware was so expensive and with such modest performance that cost and performance dominated all decisions. The software created in the 70's and 80's, based on price and performance, has become the status quo that is very difficult to change. Each new generation of hardware has dramatically lowered cost and improved performance, thus, the basis for historic software decisions has all but disappeared.


Cybersecurity describes the current situation created by these historical software decisions. Unfortunately, we continue to use little else than cost and speed when deciding how to improve security.


What would our software look like if we ignored the past and made more balanced choices? What if the techniques used to achieve security and reliability in a human project became part of our software concepts? Cost and performance remain very important, however, reliability and security are also important. In this talk, an infrastructure is presented that creates an environment for better software. The infrastructure includes:


- conversion of computer internal data to and from XML as well as serial format. This conversion technique is usable by any application.


- how to protect a service on a computer from a potentially compromised computer when all computers are part of the same system and inside a common network firewall.


- how a multiple computer system can survive almost any disaster with minimal impact on service availability.


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