[From the 1977 Awards Banquet Program in honor of the 75th anniversary of the Twin Cities Section]

By Fred Hird and Harry Bruncke

In September 1884 the Franklin Institute, a scientific society, sponsored the International Electrical Exhibition in Philadelphia. A group of representatives from several local electrical clubs and societies in and around New York felt that the electrical engineers should establish a national electrical society to greet the engineers, electricians and others who would attend the Exhibition from Europe and other countries. Therefore, Dr. N. S. Keith, a chemist interested in electricity, issued a call for a formation meeting April 15, 1884 for such a Society. The response was remarkable since 71 charter members attended and signed the document for formation. One month later, May 13, 1884, the American Institute of Electrical Engineers was in operation with Dr. Norvin Green as President.

Included in the group of signers were such famous names as Alexander Graham Bell, Charles Brush, Thomas Edison, Franklin Pope, Elihu Thompson and Edward Weston.

The purpose of the AIEE as stated was: "to promote the Arts and Sciences connected with the production and utilization of electricity and the welfare of those employed in these Industries: by means of social intercourse, the reading and discussion of professional papers and the circulation by means of publication among members and associates of information thus obtained."

In 1902, the institute formulated rules for the establishment of Sections and Student Branches outside of New York. A group of electrical engineers in the Twin Cities, including George Shepardson, Edward Burch, Frank Springer and Charles Pillsbury requested the institute to establish a Section in this area.

On April 7, 1902, a charter was issued for a Minnesota Section, covering the territory: part of Wisconsin, Minnesota and North and South Dakota. Dr. George Shepardson was the Chairman from 1902 to 1905. This was the second Section of the Insitute, Chicago being the first.

Prior to 1912, the "wireless" boys were becoming more and more active in the new radio field. For some reason the Institute members were reluctant to provide services which the radio "operators" requested. So the Institute of Radio Engineers was established in 1912. Among the charter members were such famous names as DeForest, Sarnoff, and Goldsmith. Robert Marriott was the first President on May 13, 1912.

The Twin Cities Section of the IRE was established in 1941 with C.A. Culver as Chairman. The Territory of the Section was quite similar to the Minnesota Section of the AIEE.

The two Institutes covered the same general technical fields with AIEE placing more emphasis on power and IRE on communications. Both established separate student Branches at colleges and universities. The students who were members of the Branches of the two Institutes could not justify the fact that two Branches were needed. So they formed Joint Branches which caused confusion in the two Institutes as to who would pay what part of the activities of the Joint Branches.

The students at their national meeting petitioned for a merger of the two Institutes. Out of this came a vote of the membership of both Institutes to merge with 85% in each Institute voting "yes". On January 1, 1963, the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers was launched. Dr. Ernst Weber was the first President of the IEEE. Today the membership is approximately 170,000.

The Twin Cities Section of the IRE and the Minnesota Section of the AIEE became the Twin Cities Section of the IEEE. Mr. Al Martin was the Chairman of the IRE Section and Mr. Don Peterson was the Chairman of the AIEE Section and by a flip of the coin Mr. Peterson became the first Chairman of the merged Sections. The present membership is approximately 2,000.


The May 1984 Radiator reprinted the above history with the additional information:

"The above article first appeared in the Awards Banquet program on the occasion of the Twin Cities Section 75th anniversary in 1977. While today's world wide membership stands near a quarter of a million and our local membership is over 3000, this brief history is still relevant today."


Past Section Officers:

AIEE Section Chairs: Secretary

1902-1905 G. D. Shepardson E. P. Burch
1905-1906 E. P. Burch B. Dibble
1906-1907 H. J. Gille B. Dibble
1907-1909 E. H. Scofield A. L. Abbott
1909-1911 J. C. Vincent J. H. Schumacher
1911-1912 C. L. Pillsbury L. H. Cooper
1912-1913 A. L. Abbott F. A. Otto
1913-1914 W. T. Rayn F. G. Dustin
1914-1915 L. H. Cooper E. Anderson
1915-1916 E. T. Street W. C. Beckjord
1916-1917 R. J. S. Carter V. S. Beck
1917-1918 F. W. Springer A. B. King
1918-1919 M. Barnett J. D. Marshall
1919-1920 F. G. Dustin L. H. Cooper
1920-1921 J. D. Marshall G. H. Jones
1921-1922 W. T. Ryan F. A. Otto
1922-1923 F. A. Otto H. W. Meyer
1923-1924 H. W. Meyer N. W. Kingsley
1924-1925 E. H. Scofield A. G. Dewars
1925-1926 A. G. Dewars J. E. Sumpter
1926-1927 S. B. Hood Milo E. Todd
1927-1928 J. E. Sumpter G. Cooley
1928-1929 Milo E. Todd V. E. Engquist
1929-1930 V. E. Engquist Oscar Gaarden
1930-1931 D. K. Lewis H. J. Pierce
1931-1932 Oscar Gaarden E. H. Hagensick
1932-1933 H. J. Pierce R. R. Herrmann
1933-1934 E. H. Hagensick P. G. Bowman
1934-1935 R. R. Herrman J. H. Kuhlmann
1935-1936 P. G. Bowman Andrew Nelson
1936-1937 J. H. Kuhlmann C. H. Nelson
1937-1938 Andrew Nelson Ira B. Garthus
1938-1939 C. H. Nelson R. E. Burlingame
1939-1940 Ira B. Garthus Karl J. Mertz
1940-1941 R. E. Burlingame Henry E. Hartig
1941-1942 Karl J. Mertz Willis H. Gille
1942-1943 William Endicott Carl W. Lethert
1943-1944 Willis H. Gille Le Roy A. Griffith
1944-1945 Carl W. Lethert Fred W. Hitchkiss
1945-1946 Le Roy A. Griffith John H. Merriman
1946-1947 Dr. Henry E. Hartig Donald C. Gray
1947-1948 John H. Merriman Lincoln A. Rietow
1948-1949 Harry P. Bruncke Al J. Hendry
1949-1950 Lincoln Rietow Ralph E. Willey
1950-1951 Al J. Hendry George B. Germain
1951-1952 George B. Germain Robert M. Kalb
1952-1953 Edwin A. Willson Paul A. Cartwright
1953-1954 Ralph E. Willey J. J. Rudolf Jr.
1954-1955 Paul A. Cartwright R. G. Lynn
1955-1956 John J. Rudolf Seth N. Witts
1956-1957 Richard G. Lynn James H. Forchtner
1957-1958 Seth N. Witts Howard W. Ecker
1958-1959 James H. Forchtner Carl A. Fagrelius
1959-1960 Howard W. Ecker E. C. Davidson
1960-1961 Carl A. Fagrelius J. Alman
1961-1962 E. C. Davidson Donald C. Peterson
1962-1963 L. A. Helling Lucas (Luke) H. Youngvorst
1963-1964 Donald C. Peterson (IEEE)



IRE Section Chairs: Secretary

1941 C. A. Culver N. B. Coil
1942 R. E. Allison A. G. Peck
1943 E. S. Heiser J. T. Pfeiffer
1944 H. S. McCartney C. W. Engleman
1945 H. S. McCartney Merle Ludwig
1946 Marty E. Knox Paul Thompson
1947 O. Hugo Schuck B. E. Montgomery
1948 D. A. Murray C. I. Rice
1949 W. G. Pree O. A. Schott
1950 Orville A. Becklund Arnold A. Cohen
1951 Arnold A. Cohen O. W. Muckerhirn
1952 O. A. Schott Fredrick S. Hird
1953 O. W. Muckerhirn N. B. Coil
1954 Fredrick S. Hird J. L. Hill
1955 N. B. Coil J. L. Hill
1956 J. L. Hill W. E. Stewart
1957 E. W. Harding S. W. Schulz
1958 F. C. Wagner Joseph Kahnke
1959 S. W. Schulz H. D. Shekels
1960 Joseph Kahnke Charles G. Compton
1961 H. D. Shekels Al L. Martin Jr.
1962 Charles G. Compton B. J. Renk
1963 Al L. Martin



IEEE Section Chairs: Vice Chair Secretary  Treasurer

1963-1964 Donald C. Peterson

1964-1965 Al L. Martin

1965-1966 Ogden Preshold

1966-1967 Lucas (Luke) H. Youngvorst


1968-1969 Herb Taus

1969-1970 Rolland B. Arndt

1970-1971 Kenneth K. Dols

1971-1973 John (Jack) M. Thorson

1973-1974 Harry P. Bruncke Charles R. Seashore Mostafa Mosharrafa  
1974-1975 Charles R. Seashore Mostafa Mosharrafa LowellC. Beihoffer  
1975-1976 Mostafa Mosarrafa Lowell C. Beihoffer J.David Zook  
1976-1977 Lowell C. Beihoffer J. David Zook AbrahamFranck  
1977-1978 J. David Zook Abraham Franck Robert J.Schlentz  
1978-1979 Abraham Franck Robert J. Schlentz StephenL. Larsen  
1979-1980 Robert J. Schlentz Stephen L. Larsen LarryL. Kinney  
1980-1981 Stephen L. Larsen Larry L. Kinney RichardF. Rappel  
1981-1982 Larry L. Kinney Richard F. Rappel GlenBarcus  
1982-1983 Richard F. Rappel Glen Barcus Vern D.Albertson  
1984-1985 Vern D. Albertson Max Goldberg Neal A.Bodin  
1985-1986 Max Goldberg Neal A. Bodin Alan W. Swanson  
1986-1987 Neal A. Bodin Alan W. Swanson PatriciaA. Douma  
1987-1988 Alan W. Swanson Patricia A. Douma MichaelF. Kramer  
1988-1989 Patricia A. Douma James C. Wilcox DanielE. Nordell  
1989-1990 James C. Wilcox Daniel E. Nordell CurtMontieth  
1990-1991 Daniel E. Nordell Christina M. Schober MertonA. Horne  
1991 Christina M. Schober Gary D. Moorhead RobertJ. Hanson  
1992 Gary D. Moorhead Robert J. Hanson Chad Silvasailam  
1992 Larry E. LaCoursiere Gerald L. Becker CarlA. Swenson  
1993 Robert J. Hanson Eileen A. Secord Larry E.LaCoursiere  
1994 Eileen A. Secord James N. Riess Salley K. Goldberg  
1995 James N. Riess P. James Carr Mark W. Condon  
1996 Thomas W. Ernst Eric G. Persson Mark A. Durow  
1997 Eric G. Persson Ellis S. Nolley Bob M. Barrett  
1998 Ellis S. Nolley Bob M. Barrett Timothy J. Coyle  
1999 Bob M. Barrett Timothy J. Coyle Stephen C.Merriman  Bennett Dy
2000 Stephen C. Merriman Ben Manning James McLinn  Steven James
2001 Ben Manning James McLinn Steven James  Daniel Lowry
2002 James McLinn Steven James Greg Burk  Daniel Lowry
2003 Steven James Greg Burk John Hoschette  Daniel Lowry
2004 Greg Burk Jon Moon Chris Greene  Daniel Lowry
2005 Jon Moon Chris Greene Dave Hendrickson  Daniel Lowry
2006 Chris Greene Dave Hendrickson Arun Kumar  Larry Akre
2007 Dave Hendrickson Arun Kumar Dave Shonts  Larry Akre
2008  Arun Kumar  Dave Shonts Lee Globus  Larry Akre
2009  Arun Kumar  Lee Globus  Mythili Chaganti  Larry Akre
2010   Lee Globus  Dave Hoff  Mythili Chaganti  Kyle Iverson
2011  Kyle Iverson  Joe Palmiter  Dave Hoff  Eric Juhl
2012   Joe Palmiter  Tom Kansier  Brady Mayes  Steve Hamilton
2013  Tom Kansier  Andrew McCain  Brady Mayes  Ivan Roth
2014  Andrew McCain  Brian Bock  Brady Mayes  Ivan Roth
2015   Andrew McCain  Brian Bock  Brady Mayes  Ivan Roth